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Prof. Ahmed Salawudeen holds nothing back in the latest edition of Chief Executive magazine

In this edition of Chief Executive Magazine, delve into an unfiltered interview with the venerable Professor Ahmed bin Salawudeen, a luminary in Insurance broking and accomplished Property Investment Advisor. Hailing as a rare gem in the Nigerian business landscape, his influence extends across borders, touching the business realms of the United Arab Emirates, Angola, Indonesia, The Gambia, and Liberia.

Amidst a corporate world often veiled in political correctness, Professor Salawudeen stands out with refreshing candor. Unwavering in his reputation as a straight shooter, he fearlessly expresses his perspectives. Whether discussing employee incentives or addressing political divisiveness hindering Nigeria’s prosperity, readers are presented with a clear stance.

Salawudeen's intellectual honesty, a cornerstone of his four-decade-long career, permeates the conversation, offering insights into life, society, and business. As he shares his wisdom generously, emphasizing the importance of learning from his journey, readers are invited to explore lessons on success for individuals, businesses, and nations.

In graciously accepting this interview, he imparts wisdom to young Nigerians, emphasizing the need to unlearn and grow. As he states, 'If after reading this, they feel they have nothing to gain from me, they will discover that, at least, there are a few things they need to unlearn from themselves.'



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