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  • What is Comprehensive Motor Insurance Policy?
    Comprehensive motor vehicle insurance is a voluntary motor insurance covering you against various types of loss or damage to your vehicle.
  • If I let my friend drive my car, will he or she be covered?"
    In most cases, car insurance goes with the car rather than the driver. Hence, if your friend has a license, your insurance should cover any damage that might occur.
  • What is Third Party Insurance?
    Third Party Motor liability insurance is mandatory for all motor vehicles used in the public space. It covers damages to a third party’s Vehicle or property damage as a result of impact caused by the Insured’s Vehicle and/or bodily Injury or death to a third-party person or a pedestrian. Third Party Insurance does not cover damage to the Insured Vehicle.
  • What is a lapse in insurance?
    A lapse occurs when you stop paying or cancel your car insurance. We recommend avoiding your insurance from expiring without it being renewed as this can result in costly consequences.
  • What type of Insurance can cover my car for damage caused by a flood?
    Again, comprehensive coverage covers flood damage.
  • What is Deductible or Policy Excess?
    Compulsory "excess" on a motor insurance is an amount of money the Insured must pay if he/she make a claim. It serves as a cautionary measure because an Insured person is supposed to act as if he/she is not Insured by protecting his property from loss or damage even though he/she is insured.
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