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As Insurance Brokers we work for the Clients/policyholder in the insurance process and act independently in relation to insurers. We assist clients by performing the following roles:

  • Gathering information from the Client, assessing their insurance needs, and profiling the risk for the Client.

  • Researching Insurance Companies and their various policies to find the most suitable insurance for the client at the best and most competitive price.

  • Arranging specialized types of insurance cover in complex cases; this may involve preparing reports on Insurance Underwriters and Surveyors and negotiating with Insurers for moderate rates and additional value propositions.


At Standard Insurance Consultants Limited we provide Direct Broking functions to our clients both locally and internationally to facilitate the placement of insurance business to Financially Secured Risk Carriers that will honor their obligations as at when due to complement the insurance placement process.



At STANDARD INSURANCE CONSULTANTS LIMITED our expertise are deployed to anticipate and navigate an ever-changing marketplace in the reinsurance broking sector. We deliver unparalleled understanding into the local and international reinsurance market to help our clients achieve company capital safety and growth.

Our understanding and strong market relationships help us secure the best terms as we solicit, negotiate, and secure adequate capacity on behalf of ceding insurers and reinsurers at a very competitive term. Our reinsurance broking teams provide understandings using tailored solutions and strategic advisory services



Direct Insrace Broking
Reinsurance Broking
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Risk management involves a far more complexity than the simple purchase of insurance. A large part of the task is preventing risk in the first place.

At Standard Insurance Consultants Limited we are expert in the art of working with corporate clients in analyzing and controlling risk, setting up safety programs and other risk control techniques, and arranging alternative risk transfer mechanisms whenever necessary



Our claim administration process is fast and efficient which is vital to the service we offer. We ensure that claims are professionally processed through our claims administrator unit and ensure that claims are settled promptly in the best interest of our teeming clients.

At Standard Insurance Consultants Limited, we will navigate this entire claim process for you as we take pride in ensuring that our client’s is satisfied by making the claim process a smooth and successful outcome following an insured loss.  This benefit is one of our most significant advantages because we are here to serve our clients.

Claims Administration
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